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Today, host Bari Koral shows her friends how to bake cupcakes! First, we’ll exercise our bodies. Then, we’ll meet Anna and learn about her love of cupcakes. In Relaxation Park, Bari tells a story about Anna learning a valuable lesson, today on Yogapalooza!Yogapalooza gets kids movin'! Join singer and yogi host, Bari Koral, and her super sidekick Dred on their fantastic set as they ignite kids' imaginations through music, movement, and pure fascination. This half hour show plays pop friendly music with catchy fun lyrics, explores movement, and embraces the whole child with clever hands-on activities. Kids will morph from caterpillars into butterflies, zoom like rocket ships all while implementing simple yoga moves along the way. Every show ends with a trip to 'the mindfulness garden' for a lesson designed to enhance self-awareness and encourage every kid to be the best they can be.