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6 / 10

Mannu is under the assumption that Amba has recognized him but feels bad when Amba still considers him to be an orphan and fails to recognize him as her own son. Meanwhile, Raavi, who is now certain that she will be giving birth to a girl, is worried about how Jagan will react when she gives birth to a girl. She tries to indirectly speak to Jagan about the probability of giving birth to a girl but Jagan gets furious and makes it clear that he only wants a boy as his child. Just then, Amba shouts out to Sushila but Mannu manages to escape from the house. At the same time, Raavi suffers from a severe pain. Sushila and Jagan attend to Raavi and Sushila gets furious when she hears Jagan warning Raavi against giving birth to a girl. Watch Waaris to know more.