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6 / 10

Yuvraj meets Harjeet with a photograph and enquires about his father, whom he is looking for. Harjeet ends up shocked when he refers to Charan as his father. Harjeet claims that he does not know Charan but when Charan leaves, Harjeet enjoys the fact that he has found out about Charan's new family. Meanwhile, Jagan and Sushila find out that Yuvraj is Charan's real son and Sushila asks Jagan to get hold of Yuvraj before it is too late. By now, Yuvraj meets Mannu, who informs him that he is looking for someone at Barnala. As the two of them speak to each other, Jagan and his men arrive and take Yuvraj away. Watch the entire episode of Waaris to know more.