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6 / 10

Raavi calls Jagan to inform him that Mannu has escaped and Jagan is shocked to hear that, wondering that how did Mannu manage to escape from the witch's layer. Meanwhile, the boy who saved Mannu from the witch's layer comes in front of Raavi and tells her that he did not hear anything. On the other hand, Beeji takes care of Mannu as he is injured and is about to change his clothes to see is if he is hurt anywhere on the body. Gunjan, meanwhile, informs Simmi that Beeji is changing Mannu's clothes and Simmi runs to stop Beeji as Mannu's secret, that he is a girl in reality, would come out in front of her. Simmi manages to reach on time and stop Beeji from finding out Mannu's truth. Keep watching this captivating episode of Waaris to know what happens next.