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6 / 10

Jagan is forced to stay in the shed with his family and he starts shouting at his foolish son. Sushila asks Jagan to stay calm and when Jagan reverts by saying that Deena will be crowning Mannu the 'shah' of the town, she explains that she has enough days to turn this decision around. Meanwhile, Amba believes that Deena has taken the decision of Mannu's coronation in a hurry. However, Deena believes that Mannu has proven time and again that he deserves to rule the town, irrespective of his age. Simmi wonders why Amba is uncertain of Mannu's coronation and Amba goes on to explain that all of Mannu's actions were for the sake of the family and not as the 'shah' and hence she believes that Mannu is not mature enough to work for the good of the town. Watch the entire episode of Waaris to know more.