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6 / 10

Harjeet meets Amba at the assigned spot and Amba stays silent and only nods her head while Harjeet tries to speak to her. Sharmila and Jagan see the two of them together in shock. Sharmila realizes that Mannu is not with Amba and instantly Jagan doubts of Mannu being in the house. Meanwhile, Mannu waits for Raavi to leave the doctor alone so that he can learn of the medicine that is being given to Deena. Moments later, Raavi leaves the room to pick a call and the doctor takes this opportunity to note down the medicine that is being given to Deena. After a while, Jagan reaches home and tries to catch Mannu. Meanwhile, Mannu injures his leg as he tries to escape from the terrace. Will Mannu end up getting caught by Jagan? Watch Waaris to know more.