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6 / 10

Swaroop shouts at her brother for losing the tender to the enemies. She makes her brother realize that he had fallen prey to the trap set for him and calls him a loser. Instead of realizing his fault, Harjeet, who is now completely drunk, blames his wife and son for losing the tender. He gets up to beat up his wife and son, but Swaroop intervenes and takes everyone upstairs. Meanwhile, Mannu feels helpless after losing in his endeavour to stop the tender from being passed. Just then, his mother approaches him and makes Maanu realize that a true 'shah' should accept defeat like he accepts victory. By now, Raj reaches the secret house that he and Mannu had together built and furiously destroys everything. Just then, Mannu arrives and informs Raj of the cause of his failure. Watch Waaris to know more.