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6 / 10

After Mannu assures his family that they will have their meal first and not later like the servants of the house, Simmi seems to be in doubts. However, Amba believes that everything that Mannu has been saying has been coming right. Just then, Raavi arrives and seeing Simmi and Amba talking, she asks them to serve the food. Meanwhile, Swaroop explains to Raman that his friendship is not wrong but adds that the one he has befriended belongs to the family of their enemy. But Raman assures Swaroop that he will maintain his friendship with all his heart. Later, as per the plan, Gunjan drops juice on one of the guests. While, Jagan and Raavi get furious with Gunjan, Sharmila handles the situation. What exactly is Mannu's plan? Watch Waaris to know more.