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6 / 10

Mannu evokes his right to talk to the Sarpanch alone, being the Shah of the Pawaniyaas. When Jagan objects, the Sarpanch silents him and agrees to talk to Mannu, who assures Amba that he would set things right. Meanwhile, Amba's daughters are worried about Deena and are about to enter their room. However, Sushila comes and stops them and tells them that their Beeji would be worried about the Panchayat and their decision. She advises them to wait till the Panchayat gives their verdict for Amba and then meet Deena. Later, she enters Deena's room and confesses to an unconscious Deena that she always wanted a 'Shah' husband for her daughter, Raavi. Sushila promises Deena that she would remove the current 'Shah' as well, now that Amba's husband is gone. Keep watching this captivating episode of Waaris to find out what happens next.