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6 / 10

Filled with rage, Santoshi Maa shows her true form and Paulmi Devi watches but only goes on to challenge her to a war. Seeing Santoshi Maa furious, Gau Mata gets worried as she is worried that the cosmos will not be able to bear the wrath of Santoshi Maa. The entire heaven starts to tremble as Santoshi Maa faces Paulmi Devi in all her fury. While Lord Brahma is worried, Narad Muni decides to find out what the matter is. Santoshi Maa prepares for her war against Paulmi Devi but Paulmi Devi is fearless and boasts of being Lord Indra's wife. Paulmi Devi further, displays her powers and gets into a war. Watch Santoshi Maa to know what happens next.