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6 / 10

Narad Muni meets Santoshi Maa and informs her of Paulmi Devi, who is trying to brainwash Goddess Lakshmi and is causing troubles for Santoshi too. Santoshi Maa assures Narad Muni that Santoshi has the strength to continue her devotion. Santoshi Maa also believes that Santoshi will not give up until she finds a way to rid her husband of his desires to seek revenge. Meanwhile, Bubbly arrives to meet Santoshi and enquires about Dhairya. Santoshi puts forward her concerns regarding Dhairya before Bubbly but is pleased to know that Dhairya is not the same during his work hours. Later, Santoshi once again faces Dhairya's anger and this upsets her. Watch the entire episode of Santoshi Maa to know what happens next.