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6 / 10

Santoshi welcomes Santoshi Maa and Gau Mata into the house but remains unaware of whom she is welcoming as both Santoshi Maa and Gau Mata are in a humanform. Dhairya meets Santoshi Maa and remembers her to be the lady, who had helped Santoshi. Both Santoshi and Dhairya take the blessings of Santoshi Maa and later, Santoshi Maa gifts him two saplings one each of a fruit bearing plant and a cactus. Dhairya refuses to accept the cactus and happily plants the sapling of the fruit bearing plant. Santoshi Maa agrees to take back the cactus but leaves after giving Dhairya a few words of advice. Watch the entire episode of Santoshi Maa to know what happens next.