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6 / 10

Dhairya wins the final round in the game of cards and it later turns out that Dhairya had won by cheating. He laters lays his hands on the property papers and makes it also comes out of his disguise. He further orders Sheshnath and others to get Madhu and Ankur out of the house within the next day as he is now the new owner of all the property. Meanwhile, Santoshi Maa believes that by taking the unrighteous path, Dhairya has only created trouble for himself and Santoshi. Paulmi Devi, on the other hand, is extremely happy as she believes that Dhairya is now in his control and will continue on this path. Later, Dhairya reaches home and decides to surprise Santoshi with a gift for her. He then takes Santoshi and his parents to Madhu's home, where he claims that the house is now his. Santoshi finds out from Madhu that Dhairya had stolen the property papers from her and Santoshi does not approve of Dhairya's ways. Watch Santoshi Maa to know more.