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6 / 10

Dhairya reaches Madhu's place along with Paras and Bubbly, wearing a disguise. Madhu fails to recognize them but when she learns that they are there to gamble a large amount of cash, she instantly welcomes them and asks them to be a part of her ritual. Ankur decides to gamble with Dhairya, but Dhairya mocks Ankur in front of everyone and finally starts the game of cards. Meanwhile, Santoshi is worried that Dhairya is treading the wrong path and seeing her worried, Kaka tries to keep her calm. At the same time, Paulmi Devi is extremely pleased to have Dhairya treading her path and she decides to even help Dhairya so that he continues to stay astray. Meanwhile, Gau Mata asks Santoshi to get Dhairya to lose the game as it is the only way by which Dhairya will stop gambling any further. Watch Santoshi Maa to know more.