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6 / 10

Madhu and Ankur wonder how Santoshi and Dhairya had managed to get Kaka and Kaki out of the house. Finally, Madhu realizes that Santoshi was inside the trunk of Ankur's car on the day he had been drunk. Later, Ankur introduces a friend of his to Madhu and informs her that he is a very good hacker. Initially, Madhu shows no interest in him but when Ankur's friend displays his astonishing skills, Madhu is impressed by him and immediately appoints him. Meanwhile, Dhairya informs all that he needs his father's signature as he will be mortaging their property. Santoshi believes that Dhairya, in his hunger for revenge, is turning greedy. At the same time, Paulmi Devi makes up her kind to use Dhairya as his puppet as she believes that he is treading her path. Watch the entire episode of Santoshi Maa to know more.