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6 / 10

Madhu and Ujjwal try to wake up Ankur, who is completely drunk. They manage to find out where his car is parked and they drive to the place. Meanwhile, Santoshi tries her best to get out of the trunk in the car but fails miserably. At the same time, Dhairya sits helpless as he is unable to find Santoshi. Moments later, Paras arrives and decides to help Dhairya in his search. By now, Madhu and Ujjwal reach the car and just before Ujjwal checks the trunk, Santoshi manages to get out of the trunk. Later, Dhairya is upset as he has failed to find Santoshi. Just then, Santoshi arrives and seeing her in the house, Dhairya breathes a sigh of relief. Santoshi then tries to tell Dhairya about his parents, who have been held by Ankur and Madhu but before she ends up falling unconsious in between. Watch Santoshi Maa to know more.