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6 / 10

Madhu gets furious when she sees Daksha and Sheshnath fighting with each other. The two of them fight over who is more dear a servant to Madhu and they ask Madhu to decide the same but only get her more furious. Seeing them, Sweeti is amused but stays silent when Ankur blames her for turning the house into a zoo. Meanwhile, Dhairya and Santoshi end up embarrassed when the jewellery that Dhairya had ordered, arrives. Dhairya is unable to pay for the jewellery and Santoshi is forced to give away the ring too, in order to pay for the making charges. Filled with rage, Dhairya goes straight to Madhu's place and starts beating up Ankur, blaming him entirely for his current situation. Watch Santoshi Maa to know more.