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6 / 10

Dhairya is pleased to know that Santoshi is out of danger. Just then, a nurse informs the doctor that a child named Akshay is in danger as his blood group is unavailable at the hospital's blood bank. Santoshi asks Dhairya to donate his blood as his blood matches the blood group of the child. Dhairya agrees and later lets the doctor know that he will be donating his blood to the child. Just then, Akshay's father, Paras, reaches the hospital and informs the doctor that he could not find the blood in any of the blood banks. He ends up surprised upon learning that Dhairya has donated his blood to the child and saved his life. Meanwhile, Ankur bribes Rocket Bhai and asks him to demolish the small hut that Dhairya and Santoshi are living in. Watch Santoshi Maa to know what happens next.