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6 / 10

Dhairya drives the tempo to complete the order, unaware that he is being followed by Ankur and his men. Meanwhile, Guddu's parents reach Madhu's place to stay along with their son but Madhu does not approve of it. Surprisingly, Sweeti agrees to let Guddu's family stay. By now, Dhairya delivers the order and is about get his payment. But just then, he is informed that certain boxes of the order are missing. The manager immediately drives Dhairya away without making his payment. Ankur narrates this incident to Madhu and she is impressed by him. However, when Madhu does not agree to lend him a huge sum of money, Ankur realizes that he is being played by Madhu. Later, Dhairya finds out that Santoshi is too sick and rushes her to the hospital. How will Dhairya pay for the expenses of the hospital and the medicine? Watch Santoshi Maa to know more.