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6 / 10

Pradhanji tells Mhalsa that she is the queen of Jejuri and its her responsibility to make efforts to bring back Khanderaya and start a search operation. Lakshmi and Pradhanji suggest Mhalsa that the only way to bring back Khanderaya is to forget her differences with Banai and accept her as Khanderaya's concubine. Mhalsa replies to them that she will never accept Banu in her life time. On the other hand Naradmuni visit Banai's mansion and tells her to stop fasting and also inform her that only Shree Ganesh has the supreme power to reach Khanderaya and urge him to return home. Will Mhalsa assimilate the truth of her incarnation? Watch the engrossing episode of 'Jai Malhar' to know what happens ahead.