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6 / 10

Mhalsa is eager to return to Jejuri. She tells Pradhanji that while deep in mediation she witnessed Shakti the personification of divine feminine creative power and the different forms of Adishakti, and realised that she is incarnation of one of the different forms of Adishakti. Banai realises that Khanderaya is being partial towards Mhalsa and she is been isolated from the palace hence she decides to meet Khanderaya. The people of Jejuri get excited on seeing Pradhani and Mhalsa returning to palace. Mayananda lose her cool on seeing that no one in the palace is interested in decorating the palace and preparing feast in happiness of Mhalsa's return. Mhalsa tells Pradhanji that she strongly sense the presence of Alakshmi in Jejuri. Will Mhalsa assimilate the truth of her incarnation? Watch the engrossing episode of 'Jai Malhar' to know what happens ahead.