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Katyayini was born a daughter of Katyayana Rishi, thus called Katyayani, daughter of Katyayana.The Vamana Purana mentions the legend of her creation. When the gods had sought Vishnu in their distress, he and at his command Shiva, Brahma and the other gods, emitted such flames from their eyes and countenances that a mountain of effulgence was formed, from which became manifest Katyayini, refulgent as a thousand suns, having three eyes, black hair and eighteen arms. Thus armed and adored by the gods, Katyayani proceeded to the hills. was anxious to obtain her. On asking for her hand, she told him she must be won in fight. He came and fought. She cut off his head with her sword and hence was called Mahishasuramardini, the Slayer of Mahishasura. Watch the engrossing episode of 'Jai Malhar' to know what happens ahead.