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6 / 10

Mayananda seeks an apology from Khanderaya for her behaviour in the past. Rangya informs Banu that Mhalsa has left the palace. Banu becomes unrestful on listening to his words and decides to meet Mhalsa. Ganoba escorts Mhalsa to an isolated place far away from Jejuri. Naradmuni visits Jejuri. He questions Khanderaya regarding Banu's fate, if Mhalsa learns about her incarnation. While deep into meditation, Kartikeya meets Mhalsa and offers help to her in achieving her goal. On the other hand, Banu meets Mayananda and Madhavi and asks them about Mhalsa's whereabouts. Mayananda blames Banu and tells her that she is responsible for Mhalsa's pronouncement. Watch the engrossing episode of 'Jai Malhar' to know what happens ahead.