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6 / 10

Mhalsa desperately tries to learn about her incarnation. Timmaseth and Madhavi meet Mhalsa and advice her to not take any kind of help in learning the truth of her incarnation. Later, Ganoba tells Mhalsa that Khanderaya wishes to meet Timmaseth and Madhavi. Pradhanji and Laxmi express their concern towards Mhalsa to Khanderaya. Laxmi tells Khanderaya that she wants to return to their celestial home Vaikuntha. Banai gets shocked to see Aabha near her ansion. He tell Banai that Chandanpuri is worst affected by drought and a noticeable number of families and farmers in their village walk long distances to spot water as their wells got dried up. Stay tuned in to know more only on Zee Marathi.