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6 / 10

Pradhanji tells Mhalsa that Goddess Parvati is in Kailash waiting for Lord Shiv to return to Himalayas after reincarnation from Khanderaya. Timmaseth tells Mayananda that Mhalsa is an incarnation of adishakti and that they should not be distressed by the current events that are happening in the palace of Jejuri. Mayananda tells Timmaseth that next time if Mhalsa insists about learning about her incarnation, then she would reveal all the secrets to Mhalsa. Later, Pradhanji tells Mhalsa that Parvati is waiting for her return to Kailash along with Khanderaya. On the other hand, Naradmuni advises Banai to make a Shivling out of tumeric and worship it for gaining strength and charm. Stay tuned in to know more only on Zee Marathi.