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6 / 10

Ammaji and Madhvi excitedly wait for Sagar to bring Krishna and Gangaa back home. Moments later, Sagar arrives home but finding him upset, the two of them start to enquire about Gangaa and Krishna. Just then, Krishna and Gangaa too enter the house and seeing them both Ammaji and Madhvi are delighted. Madhvi brings the 'aarti' plate but Gangaa stops Madhvi and makes it clear that she and Sagar have mutually decided to leave each other and stay apart. Filled with anger, Sagar makes up his mind to leave the country and go back to London as he believes that he has lost the strength to convince Gangaa to get back into his life. Meanwhile, Pulkit ends up shocked when Kashish informs him that she is pregnant with his child. Furthermore, Pulkit realizes that Supriya has overheard his entire conversation. Watch the entire episode of Gangaa to know more.