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6 / 10

Sagar goes to Chandapur and is hoping to find Gangaa and Krishna there. He thinks about the times spent with Krishna and how she told him that she loves him in front of her entire school. Meanwhile, Madhvi finds out from Niranjan that the police has not found out about Gangaa and Krishna yet, and she tells Amma Ji the same. Madhvi also tells Amma Ji that Sagar has left for Chandapur and she panics listening to this, saying that he should not have gone in this condition. Amma Ji breaks down and fights with God for giving her this result for all the praying that she did. Amma Ji says to God that today if he takes Gangaa and Krishna away from them then there would be no place for God in her house from that day onwards. Keep watching this engrossing episode of Gangaa to find out what happens next.