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6 / 10

Gangaa locks herself inside the room while Sagar calls out to her continuously. Gangaa finally opens the door but makes it clear that she is not interested in speaking to anyone. Meanwhile, Ammaji and Madhvi wonder why Gangaa has returned home although Sagar had agreed to let her leave along with Krishna. The two of them are hopeful that Gangaa is trying to get back with Sagar. At the same time, Sagar speaks to his father and seems certain that Gangaa cannot think of returning in his life. However, Niranjan believes that Gangaa's self-respect is hindering her decision to get back to him. Sagar later goes to check on Gangaa and finds the door open. He then enters the room only to realize that Gangaa has left the house along with Krishna without bidding farewell to him. Watch the entire episode of Gangaa to know more.