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6 / 10

Zoya destroys the 'tulsi' plant by pouring acid on it and the next morning, Ammaji claims that the 'tulsi' plant withering away is a sign of inauspiciousness. Zoya decides to repeat the incident that had caused her mother's death and she puts forward her intentions before the driver. Later, the prayers begin and Krishna is certain that Gangaa will arrive home but will refuse to enter into the house. As expected, Gangaa arrives in between the prayers but does not enter the house as she recollects the memories that had caused her to part ways with Sagar. Gangaa calls out to Krishna but Krishna runs away and Sagar reaches the door. He and his family offer her gifts and plead with her to enter the house. At the same time, Zoya informs the driver of Gangaa's arrival and they think about putting their plan to action. What exactly is Zoya upto? Will Gangaa finally enter Sagar's house? Watch Gangaa to know more.