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6 / 10

Gangaa pleads with Sagar to leave but Sagar refuses to budge. Meanwhile, Niranjan believes that Sagar will have to suffer for the pain he has caused to Gangaa and agrees that Sagar was wrong by accusing Gangaa of having a relationship with another man. Ammaji, decides to think positive but goes on to insult Juhi, who has been brought into the house as Pulkit's daughter. Juhi overhears Ammaji and goes back crying. Pulkit and Supriya find out from Juhi that Ammaji had called her an orphan and feel bad seeing Juhi cry. At the same time, Zoya is worried that Krishna and Gangaa might return back to Niranjan's place but the driver reassures her by saying that Gangaa and Sagar can never unite. Watch Gangaa to know more.