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6 / 10

In the party, Manmohan gifts Anita a cauldron made of silver while Inspector Happu Singh gifts her a Saree worth rupees twelve thousand. Anita seems very happy with the expensive gifts and then turns her attention to Vibhuti, who has brought her a doll. Manmohan and Happu Singh mock Vibhuti for the gift he has brought for Anita. Manmohan even taunts Vibhuti on his poor status. Anita takes the doll and dances on it, saying that she has accepted the gift. Anita then says that she wants them all to meet someone who is the guest of honour of this party and is very close to her heart. Vibhuti is enjoying the same as Anita is praising the person who is the guest of honour. However, things turn crazy as Anita says that she has chosen the ruler of her heart, Prem Chaudhary. What Keep watching this hilarious episode of Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai to find out what happens next.