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6 / 10

Manmohan is dragged out of the house by inspector Happu, who accuses him of a murder. Anita and Vibhuti reach the scene and refuse to believe that Manmohan could have murdered anyone. But surprisingly, Manmohan agrees to have committed a murder and is taken away. Just then, Angoori wakes up from her dream and begins to scream. She informs Manmohan of her dream and insists on speaking to her mother-in-law about the dream. Next morning, Manmohan's mother arrives to meet Angoori and she later discusses about the dream with Manmohan. Meanwhile, Vibhuti overhears the conversation between Manmohan and his mother and learns that, Manmohan could go to jail as per the faults in his stars. Watch Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai to know what happens next.