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6 / 10

The commissioner informs Happu about the kidney racket that is in full swing in the city. He asks Happu to instantly get hold of those responsible for the racket and threatens to rid him of the position if he fails in his mission. Meanwhile, Vibhuti blows his own trumpet in front of his uncle and claims that he is running a florishing hospital. Seeing that Vibhuti is doing very well, Mama Ji asks Vibhuti to return the five lakh rupees that he had earlier lent him. Later, Anita gets upset with Vibhuti for falling into trouble due to his own mistake. Just then, Happu arrives and when Anita hears Happu threatening Vibhuti to arrest him on charges of the kidney racket, Anita gets an idea to rid Vibhuti of the current situation that he is in. She asks Happu to fake-arrest Vibhuti so that Mama Ji cannot ask Vibhuti for the money that he had lent him. Watch Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai to know more.