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6 / 10

Vibhuti's Mama complains of piles and gets ready to showcase his problem to Vibhuti but Vibhuti asks him to calm down and seems worried about the crazy relatives that he has. That night, Anita and Angoori wait for Malkhan and Tika to arrive with all the necessity items to build a fake hospital. Next morning, Mama Ji wakes up and is surprised to see the board of a hospital right opposite to Vibhuti's house. While Mama Ji questions Vibhuti if the hospital belongs to him, Vibhuti claims that the hospital had been constructed with the help of the money sent by Mama Ji. Later, Vibhuti takes his uncle on a tour around the hospital while, Malkhan, Tika and Manmohan pretend to be the patients. Watch the entire episode of Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai to know more.