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6 / 10

Saxena disturbs Manmohan's romantic evening with Angoori and begs Manmohan to bite him. Manmohan does as asked and bites Saxena, pretending to be a snake. As Saxena leaves, he comes across Vibhuti's uncle and informs him about Manmohan being a shape changing snake. Learning of this, Vibhuti's uncle goes back to the airport. Next morning, Anita meets Manmohan and invites him to the house as she wishes to reveal a secret to him. Meanwhile, Vibhuti helps Angoori at the market place, after which, they have some street food. Vibhuti once again ends up disturbing the two snakes. Will Vibhuti once again end up recieving a curse? Watch Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai to know more.