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6 / 10

Angoori starts to pray to Manmohan and calls him the 'Nagraj'- The King of serpants. Manmohan realizes that he has only invited more trouble for himself by letting Angoori find out about his drama. Later, Happu and the others surround Manmohan and express their greed for the 'Naagmani'. But Manmohan drives them away when he starts to hiss like a real snake. Just then, Saxena arrives and pleads with Manmohan to bite him and Manmohan obliges to his request. Later, Manmohan arrives before Vibhuti, disguised as a snake and threatens to kill him. When Vibhuti pleads for his life, Manmohan asks him to accept Anita to be his sister. Will Vibhuti be forced to accept Manmohan's proposal? Watch Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai to know more.