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6 / 10

Vibhuti meets Angoori and informs her that he had seen her husband eat a huge rat and concludes that Manmohan is a snake. Angoori calls up her mother-in-law and informs her about Manmohan turning into a snake. Angoori informs Vibhuti that her mother-in-law has asked her to behave with compassion towards Manmohan. Vibhuti goes back home and starts to panic when Manmohan sits beside him. Manmohan invites him and Anita for dinner and while Vibhuti blankly refuses, Anita assures Manmohan that the two of them will arrive for the dinner. Later, Happu gets furious with Malkhan and Tika for failing to catch the rats for him. Watch the entire episode of Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai to know more.