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6 / 10

Vibhuti believes that Anita is supporting the snakes and so she is a shape shifting snake herself. As the two of them are busy with their discussion, Malkhan and Tika enter their house and start looking for rats. They go on to reveal that Happu has agreed to pay them for catching the rats. Later, Vibhuti sees Manmohan licking milk out of a bowl and suspects that he is a shape shifting snake. At the same time, Angoori too sees her husband and starts getting suspicious. Later, Manmohan hides a snake in Vibhuti's pants and when Vibhuti sees the snake, he and Anita jump in fear. Moments later, Manmohan arrives and bravely holds the snake and hides it in his shirt. Watch the entire episode of Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai to know more.