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6 / 10

Manmohan gets jealous when he witnesses Vibhuti and Anita's public display of affection. Later, Vibhuti has some street food and as he washes his hands, he ends up distubring two snakes that are busy mating. The snake charmer gets furious and claims that he will now have to face the wrath of the snakes as he had disturbed their moment of love. As the snake charmer leaves, Vibhuti gets a little skeptical and Manmohan decides to make use of this situation in his favour. Vibhuti later informs Anita about the incident but Anita explains that the snake charmer's words cannot come true. That night, Manmohan enters Vibhuti's room and informs him and Anita about a snake that had entered their blacony. Will Vibhuti fall prey to Manmohan's pranks? Watch Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai to know more.