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6 / 10

The role reversal continues in Manmohan and Vibhuti's town. Manmohan and Vibhuti are fed up with this and decide to take off the woman attire. Seeing them, Malkhan, Teeka and Inspector Happu also do the same. However, just then a knife comes flying there with a letter and lands right next to them. The letter contains a warning that if they remove their women attire, the next time the knife would land in them. Meanwhile, Anita and Angoori continue to live like the men of the house and are dressed as Vibhuti and Manmohan respectively. Moreover, Laddu's teacher gives Manmohan and Tillu a beating of their life with a stick when they turn up while Laddu is studying. Keep watching this hilarious episode of Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai to know more.