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6 / 10

Martha approaches Manmohan and Vibhuti and tries to scare them as Ashiana goes on to read out the climax of his novel. Just then, inspector Happu arrives on time and arrests the man, pretending to be Martha all this while. The man finally confesses that he was a cook at Ashiana's house and had been pretending to be Martha as per Ashiana's orders as he wanted the novel to be famous. Later, Angoori's father arrives to meet Angoori. he then informs Angoori that her grandmother has woken up from coma and adds that she now wants Angoori to get married. Angoori's father finally makes a plan to stage Angoori and Manmohan's marriage once again for the sake of Angoori's grandmother. Watch the entire episode of Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai to know more.