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6 / 10

Malkhan and Tika cry after getting injured from the beating that they recieve from an old lady. Instead of sympathizing with the duo, Manmohan and others believe that Malkhan and Tika might have teased the lady. Later, Manmohan invites Anita to the house for dinner and Anita agrees. At night, after dinner, Abhay Ashiana gets set to continue narrating the story he is writing. Just as he narrates the story, Vibhuti leaves the house and returns after getting beaten up by a lady named Martha, who also happens to be a character in Abhay Ashiana's upcoming novel. While, Manmohan finds something fishy going on as Abhay Ashiana's book seems to be having a good touch of reality, Anita refuses to believe that Vibhuti had been beaten up by a character that is only a creation of Abhay Ashiana's imagination. Watch Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai to know more.