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6 / 10

Vibhuti sees Angoori cooking food for Makhan, Tika and Tillu and furiousn with them, he mixes spices in the food. Later, the trio sit upset and believe that Saxena is proving to be useless as their lawyer. Just then, Saxena comes up with the idea of a movement against those trying to snatch away their homes. Soon, Manmohan arrives and decides to head this movement. That night, Vibhuti enters Angoori's room to have a look at her. But he sees Malkhan leaving the washroom and rushes to hide behind the curtains. However, Malkhan notices a shadow behind the curtain and later beats up Vibhuti along with Tika and Tillu. Next day, Manmohan heads the movement but ends up getting beaten up by inspector Happu. Watch Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai to know more.