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6 / 10

Vibhuti feels bad for all that he has done to Angoori bhabi and the others. Just then, Anita's lawyer arrives, followed by Anita, Angoori and Manmohan. Vibhuti ends up shocked when he realizes that Anita wants to divorce him. Vibhuti begins to cry and pleads with Anita to forgive him but Anita refuses and both Angoori and Manmohan back Anita. Just then, Saxena enters the house and confesses that he was the one blackmailing Vibhuti all this while to do everything that he had been doing. Vibhuti himself is surprised to know that Saxena was the one playing him all this while, but he relaxes upon learning that Anita will not be divorcing him now. Watch Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain to knowm more.