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6 / 10

Manmohan sees Vibhuti's father dancing with Anita and finds it very absurd. He calls up Vibhuti and learns that he is with his mother and also realizes that Vibhuti is aware of the fact that his father is dancing with Anita. Manmohan finds the entire situation to be absurd but fails to realize that it is Vibhuti, who is wearing a disguise and is pretending to be his own father. Next morning, Vibhuti's father meets Angoori and refers to her as 'bhabhi ji'. Manmohan questions him as to how he can address Angoori as Bhabhi and later asks him to leave. Later, Manmohan meets Anita and questions her about her dance with Vibhuti's father. Will Anita be forced to give away the secret that Vibhuti is pretending to be his father? Watch Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai to know more.