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6 / 10

Anita calls up a doctor in Mumbai and takes an appointment for Angoori so as to get her treatment. Angoori thinks that when she is not well then why should she go to the doctor, and Laddoo gets to know whatever Angoori is thinking. Laddoo confronts Angoori about the same in front of Anita and then they both join hands together to continue with Angoori's drama. On the other hand, Vibhuti tries the remedies given by the baba and waters the plants in Angoori's garden and even spits Pan on Manmohan's white clothes. Manmohan is heart broken because of his wife's condition and even gives Angoori 10,000 rupees for shopping. Watch this hillarious episode of Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai to see the drama unfold.