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6 / 10

Laddoo reads Angoori's mind and finds out that she had been pretending to be sick. Laddoo expresses his surprise aloud and Anita is shocked to learn that Angoori had been pretending to be sick all this while. Angoori then reveals that she had to pretend sick as she wasn't getting the attention of her family. Anita and Laddoo decide to support Angoori and keep her secret intact. Later that night, Manmohan gets Angoori's favorite sarees for her and although Angoori is extremely pleased with the gift, she pretends otherwise. Next morning, Vibhuti chews 'paan' and spits on Manmohan, calling it one of the solutions given by a learned scholar for Angoori's betterment. Watch Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai to know what Manmohan and Vibhuti will do next to cure Angoori.