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6 / 10

Malti is surprised when she sees Pinki laying an accusation on her in front of Kamla. She understands Pinki's cunning act but Malti seems more concerned about Lucky, who has not reached the ring. Rana asks Pinki to look for Lucky but when she does not seem very keen, he starts to shout at Pinki. Seeing this, Kamla instantly scolds her son for shouting at Pinki. Later, Pinki reaches Lucky's room and seeing him still asleep, she believes that Rana can go on to practise relentlessly and get ahead of Lucky in the game of wrestling. Komal sees Pinki in the room and seeks her help to please Lucky. But Pinki realizes that if Lucky develops an interest for Komal, she might lose her current status in the house. Watch Badho Bahu to know more.