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6 / 10

As Komal and Lucky reach home, Lucky starts insulting Komal and gets furious with her for always doing as she pleases. He asks her to get rid of her life and Komal enters the house crying. Later, Lovely calls up Raghuveer and apologizes to him for causing trouble for him and his family by running away from the house. She further explains that she had no other option but to either run away or give up her life. Further, Lovely expresses her gratitude towards Komal and adds that she too wants to have a father like Raghuveer. Later, Raghuveer sees Komal crying and she informs Raghuveer that she has failed in her efforts to impress Lucky. Will Raghuveer provide his support to Komal and help her impress Lucky? Watch Badho Bahu to know what happens next.