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6 / 10

Pinkie tells Rana that she wants him to earn laurels in Kushti and wants him to take part in the competition. Rana is excited hearing this and tells Pinkie that he will talk to his father, Raghuveer, about this, even though Raghuveer has decided to send Lucky to the sports camp for six months. Later, Rana is about to sign on the documents for the sports camp, but Rana turns up there and asks Lucky to stop as he wants to go to the sports camp instead. However, Raghuveer asks Rana that it has been decided and Lucky would be the one to go to the sports camp. But, Rana ends up challenging Lucky for a kushti match and Raghuveer is very happy that his son has finally decided not to give up. Keep watching this engrossing episode of Badho Bahu to find out what happens next.